Firefighter Career Connection
The Firefighter Job Testing Process Explained!
The "Keys" to the Fire House
Everything you need to know to become a Career Firefighter



"The Keys to the Fire House” is a detailed, step-by-step planning and preparation process that will bring you to the top of the hiring list. Ranking well in all areas of testing is a must to be successful in the competitive hiring process. “The Keys to the Fire House” will build your knowledge and confidence in all these areas:


Pursuing Fire Fighter Career Opportunities

Rank in the top of the hiring process.

Learn the application process

Find out who’s hiring

Preparation for the Physical Ability Test

Oral Interview questions and answers

Oral Board Success Skills

Written test preparation skills

A career as a Fire Fighter is one of the most rewarding and gratifying careers available. The pursuit to become one of America’s Bravest is a challenge. “The Keys to the Fire House” will help build the skills needed to be successful.

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